Youth Group Fundraisers – Show Kids How to Make a Difference Now


Youth group fundraisers can take on many different types of fund raising techniques. The can be for numerous projects that in most cases is for a trip or uniforms or something that will benefit the kids themselves. If kids are taught at a young age that everything is not all about them and that they can do something to benefit others. That is where strong character is built that will serve them well throughout their lifetime.

Donating to charities can be easy for adults by just writing a check. For kids, the writing of the check is usually not an option plus many kids don't make the connection with a check and a material item. Unfortunately many kids don't know the value of a dollar. Or what it takes to earn those dollars. New school clothes and new book bags seem to magically appear at the beginning of school each year. No wonder kids don't understand how cash works less alone credit.

This attitude can extend to charity. One of the facts of life is that there will always be people that have more than you and people that will have less. Youth fundraisers can benefit other people and will have more meaning to the group if they can actually see where all their hard work and effort is going.

There is feeling in America that poor people should be kept in certain areas of the city. This is usually done when relief services are situated in locations that are close to each other. In other words, over night housing for the homeless and a soup kitchen is in the same vicinity. These are usually in downtown or urban areas. These areas get bad reputations because these people are considered less than desirable.

These are the people who can really benefit from youth group fundraisers. Whether it is collecting cans or painting a house for an elderly person, these are the things that will have a lasting impact on the kids. It is especially important that kids see other kids that are struggling in their community and are taught not to make fun of them. Money can be raised for book bags and pencils and paper or maybe a special toy that would be too expensive for the parents to get them.

The most important lesson that can be learned is a simple twist of fate could put anyone in that situation. Youth group fundraisers should be beneficial to more than just the group doing the fundraising.

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