What To Look For When Buying A Toddler Backpack


Choosing the right backpack for your child is more involved than you may think. If you choose it yourself you may get a disappointed response because you got it wrong. By taking your child along with you they can be involved in the process and feel a sense of pride that they were able to pick their very own bag. Make sure that when they are choosing their own toddler backpack, you look out for some key features. It shouldn't be too large, should be durable and easy to wear and use.

Suitable Materials

Children don't always look after things as we would like them to. Check that the materials used to make the backpack are sturdy and will last the treatment it is going to get. Look for good quality, strong stitching and other materials that won't easily fray or tear. The backpack may get wet so consider water resistant materials such as PVC, which is often used on panels of kids' bags. Not only is this waterproof it provides a smooth surface that is easily cleaned. What kind of fastenings does the backpack have? Kids love zipping things up but Velcro is a novel way for them to secure their bag. Zips are hard wearing but make sure they are large and chunky enough for a small child to use. Velcro is a quick and easy way of fastening things but may lose its 'stick' after a while.

Is Your Child Comfortable With It?

A good toddler backpack will have adjustable straps that are padded. Adjustable because not every child is the same size and children grow fast! Also, if the backpack is going to be used all year round or in different climates it needs to fit over just a t-shirt or over a thick coat. Look for good padding on the straps as these will be wear most of the strain is against their chest and shoulders. If the padding is good it will protect your child from material cutting into them after prolonged use or if they were to fall and the backpack was to catch on something. Show your child how to carry their backpack correctly both on and off their back. This way they will not be increasing the risk of back, neck and shoulder problems as they get older.

Size Is Important

The standard size of toddler backpacks is 13 inches x 11 inches and 4 inches deep. This gives a child enough space to pack some of their things without being too heavy. Any bigger and there is a risk of over-filling the bag, which increases its overall weight making the backpack too heavy for a small child to carry. Also, a backpack which is too big will swamp a toddler and make it difficult for them to carry it comfortably and safely. Think about what they actually need in the backpack. Is it for a vacation, nursery, trips to the swimming pool? This will help in deciding the best size to buy.

Don't forget – let your toddler choose their own backpack. As they do, consider what it is going to be used for and how much will need to go inside. Go for one with adjustable straps and durable materials so it will last for many months as your child grows. Show them how to wear the backpack so they are not at risk of hurting themselves. Above all, make it fun for them!

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