Things to Remember When Choosing a Kids Rucksack


When kids begin their school year, they are most excited about their backpacks. While it is easy to give in to their demands and choose from the many fancy bags available on the market, it is important to remember that ill fitting bags are the main reason behind backaches among children. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy rucksacks for kids.

– Needless to say, the first thing to consider is the size: It is said that your kid's backpack should not be lower than the hip. A rucksack that has a supportive waist should be measured around the child's hip to check if the size fits correctly. It should be big enough to hold A4 sized paper without the need to fold it, but not difficult to fit inside the child's locker.

– Try and avoid single sling style bags. Of course, this is a cool thing to carry and your child is probably going to beg you to buy these. Rucksacks with single straps often cause strain on a single shoulder, thereby causing pressure on the back, neck, and shoulder. When the weight is equally divided across two shoulders, there will be less strain on their back.

– Buy packs with wider shoulder pads. Back packs with thin shoulder pads dig into the shoulder, thus causing strain on their backs.

– You can also choose from kids rucksacks that are fitted with wheels, but also consider the fact that the inherent design of the bag may increase the weight on the back. These are ideal when you are travelling or camping along with kids.

– Style is important; but so is function! Your child is sure to insist on buying a rucksack with the latest cartoon or movie character, but two years down the line, he/she isn't going to bother about it. But if you focus too much on utility, the pack is sure to look boring and dull.

– The backpack is sure to bear the brunt of your child's notoriety for damage and destruction. Make sure that the bag you choose is known for its quality and is durable. Also make sure that they are machine washable, especially if it is for a camping trip, and if the child will be carrying a lot of snacks.

Although heavy bags don't lead to a deformity and aren't likely to cause severe damage, it is to be remembered that they often cause the child to fall or have an injury that can be potentially life threatening.

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