Laptops – How Do You Carry Yours?


If you need to carry a laptop around for either business or work, then you will recognise that it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable bag that allows you to be comfortable and look stylish. The problem with traditional laptop bags is that they often don't look great and are carried with either a hand or shoulder strap. Both of these methods of carrying a heavy bag can cause neck, back, shoulder and joint pain and even headaches. Doctors warn that you should not carry a heavy bag with a hand or shoulder strap and that a back pack or across the body bag is a better option but even these methods of carrying a heavy bag can be uncomfortable.

The latest trend is for ladies to carry large designer hand bags that will fit a 17" laptop into them. This again can caused discomfort and pain especially when the bag is carried over the elbow. Most women will carry a variety of other items in their handbag making them in some cases a similar weight to that carried by a hod carrier. It saves on carrying a separate handbag and laptop bag but the weight is not evenly distributed over the body and often is always carried on the same side exasperating the problem of strains and injuries.

Whilst carrying a laptop in a luxury designer leather handbag does look good and much more stylish than many traditional laptop bags, it is not the best option for your health. The latest way to carry your laptop in style without compromising your health is using a large designer leather handbag on wheels. An extendable handle allows you to pull the bag along without causing stress, strain or damage. Lots if pockets and compartments are great for organising all of your possessions both personal and for work.

In order to project the right image at work, it is important to both look confident and organised and also to look after your health. Carrying your laptop in a designer leather Laptop handbag on wheels is will help you to look both professional and business like.

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