Have You Prepared Your Back-To-School Makeup Necessities?


Fall is coming and your back-to-school trip is around the corner. Some girls maybe upset because going back to school means sticking their pretty noses in the books and papers and being too busy to even care for their faces. No, no way! And today I'm going to introduce some back-to-school beauty items, which will make you still cute and sexy even in the classroom!


You need a piece of lengthening mascara. Thickening mascara may make you sexy, but we need clear and clean makeup for school. Lengthening mascara will make your eyes look bigger and prettier, and at the same time it won't smudge around your eyes.


The weather is still very hot in the August and September; as a result, a water-proofing foundation is very necessary for you. In the PE lessons you may sweat a lot and due to the hot weather, your face will be a little bit more oily than usual. Only water proofing foundation can hold for a very long time.


Yeah, water-proofing eyeliner is the best choice. For the same reason, you need something that is water-proofing. Generally speaking, liquid eyeliner is better than pencil eyeliner because it doesn't smudge. However, liquid eyeliner sometimes makes your eyes look aggressive. Anyway, it's up to you.


You may prefer to use a liquid lipstick, because it's shining and cute. I also recommend liquid lipstick because of the hot weather. A lipstick perhaps makes you look older than you really are, what's more, lipstick is sticky and uncomfortable if the temperature and humidity is high. Liquid lipstick makes your lips sexy and cute and seductive to your boyfriend.

Eye shadow

Before applying eye shadow on your eyelid, I strongly recommend you use the prime cream or prime potion first. The prime potion will control the color of your eyelids and make the eye shadow clearer and stay longer. Prime potion is easy to find and as I know, Benefit, Urban Decay and E.L.F both have this kind of products; you can choose one as you wish.

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