Buying an Exclusive Luxury Designer Bag


Luxury bags are costly. They can cost thousands of dollars. In some ways, it is just a small bag that women carry around. So, what makes them special? Why do women love and adore them?

The reason is simple. These bags have a rich history and look stylish and elegant. They depict the status of the wearer and complement the fashion style of the woman. Designer bags come in handy too for storing useful things and are well crafted. A look at the leather of an exquisite bag and you are sure to fall in love. Be it the smell of the leather or the touch of it, there are a great many reasons you will love a these bags.

Let's start off with how special these bags are for women.

Luxury bags hold an endless fascination for women. Part of this is in the exclusivity that owning a top brand name bag provides – there are only a few precious pieces throughout the world, all give special attention. But when it is a famous, name brand bag it is even more special than that – the elite of the elite – the prices rocket sky high. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most expensive designer bag in the world is the Mouawad's 1001 Nights Diamond Purse – it's worth a jaw dropping 3.8 million dollars. It was created by ten craftsmen in 8800 hours.

It shines brilliantly and is in the shape of a heart. It is studded with over four thousand diamonds. Buys like these, over and above the average purchase price of a designer bag, need even more careful consideration. Once the decision is made and the buy is made, you cannot change that, no matter how empty (or overdrawn) your bank account looks. Here are a few things to remember before you take the leap.

Ø Remember that exclusivity will follow you everywhere you go. You can no longer mistakenly spill a little coffee by mistake and then buy another new bag in a few months. This kind of buy is like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ø Question your financials. Are you borrowing the majority of the money, or are you digging deep into your savings? Is this an impulse buy or a gradual thought out desire? Impulse buys with normal designer bags may still be recoverable. However, once you buy an insanely expensive designer bag, there is no looking back. Make sure you have considered the consequences of investing in an overly flashy bag.

Ø Evaluate your purpose of buying such a bag – why do you want it? Will you be able to maintain it? Remember that such pieces become part of history and can be excellent heirlooms.

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