Building Muscles Without Weights


Under certain circumstances, building muscles without weights becomes necessary. In many schools there is an absence of a gym or a well equipped gym to cater to the needs of the staff and students. Physical education teachers will have to rely on other means to conduct strength training for staff and students. When traveling overseas, access to gym and weight equipment might not be easy, hence travelers who exercise regularly would have to rely on building muscles without weights. When the weather turns incremental, thus preventing people to travel to gyms for their work-outs, people would have to rely on other strength training methods to fulfill their exercise routines. In the absence of weights, there are a few ways that fitness enthusiasts can continue building muscles without weights.

Building muscles without weights can be achieved by body resistance training. For any form of muscle building to occur, our muscles basically need to undergo some form of resistance training. Weights can provide these resistances. In their absence, we can make use of our own body weight or part of it as resistance for ourselves to exercise against. There are many forms of body resistance exercises that can be used. This list includes push-ups, sit-ups, star jumps, scissor jumps, burpees, squats, crunches, leg raises, and many more. The important thing to bear in mind when engaging in body resistance training is to ensure two things. One, there is a need to select exercises that will work all the major muscle groups of the body. Two, you must ensure that sufficient repetitions and sets are done stimulate your muscles enough for growth to take place.

Another way of building muscles without weights is to make use of partner resistance exercises. Again the idea here is to substitute the missing weight-resistance with another person's weight. Your partner could be anyone really, such as your kids at home, your wife or husband, your brothers and sisters, your friends, and even your pets. Many body resistance exercises can be used with a partner to increase the resistance level to stimulate more growth. For example, when doing squats, you could piggy-back one of your children and than perform the exercise. Your partner can also be a partial resistance. Instead of rest the entire body weight on you, he could rest part of his body weight on a chair or table while offering you some form of resistance for your exercises. Again, it is important to ensure that your body is fully worked out and that appropriate number of sets and repetitions are done.

Finally, building muscles without weights can be accomplished using various objectives found at home. An empty barrel can provide sufficient resistance for your squats and jumps. Your school bags can be loaded with some books to provide added weight for your exercises. The fallen tree trunk outside your house can be used a log for resistance. Look around, use your imagination and you will be able to build some muscles when the real weights are not found or cannot be accessed.

Not having a gym or proper weights is not a good excuse for you to skip training. Very often we can be faced with circumstances that will disrupt our regular training. To ensure that we still keep our exercise routines regular, we can make body resistance, partner resistance and object resistance training to continue building muscles without weights.

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